Aesthetic circulatory massage 30 min
This massage is shoot for improve the blood circulatory system. It acts directly on the tissues to facilitate the sanguineous, venous and lymphatic return. In this way the blood flows faster, the blood vessel gets in contact with the tissues and this cause the removal of liquids in excess that are directed towards the kidneys. Consequently stimulates diuresis.

Californian massage 40 min

This massage acts in the body-mind system fomenting a powerful source of self healing . After this massage one can have big positive effects on psychosomatic problems or diseases like depression, hypertension, anxiety ,stress, anorexia, bulimia, insomnia, panic attacks. This effect moves your attention and your energy from the mind to the body: your thoughts relax and you perceive your “person” in total.
It donates tone to the skin, revives the circulation of your inner organs taking advantage of your digestion and metabolism and control of your weight.

Hawaian lomi lomi massage 40 min

This massage is based on the principle that all the universe is looking for harmony and love, then it transmit positive energy to every cell of the organism giving it back its original vitality.
It is made with particular oils and essences and some Hawaiian music.
This massage has beneficial effects on the cardio circulatory and lymphatic system, on the metabolism, digestion and the muscular apparatus; it relieves stress donating a good sense of relax.

Light massage 50 min
Relax massage with candles. The flame of the candle smelt the karate butter emitting perfumes and unique sensations. After getting oil a warm massage will illuminate your day with a feeling of absolute goodness.

Antistress massage 45 min

It discharge tension and help to retrieve your body consciousness. This massage can be done with three different types of oils: almond oil, olive oil, essential oils.

Sport Massage 50 min
The sport massage is a type of massage that improve and activate the performance of the muscle interested. Generally the massage perform before sport, and contribute to reduce pain, cramp and can prevent injuries.