A place that will remain in your heart. Ilgallobrillo.it in Borgo Giusto combines simple style, cuisine, tradition and flavours in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The same atmosphere you will find in one of our dining rooms, or on the charming poolside terrace, when you visit us, whether for dinner with business colleagues or in the company of those special to you.

Poolside atmosphere included… as well as ASDL WiFi connection.

The best ingredients… skilled chefs to turn them into exclusive dishes: a formula which makes ilgallobrillo.it the benchmark for all who want to enjoy good food in a place where taste and traditional Tuscan cuisine come together.

Our menus of the day are all “zero-mile”, as promoted by the national farmers’ association, and of low environmental impact, as we either produce the ingredients ourselves or source them from local producers.
Our dishes, therefore, bring a sense of local identity to our cuisine and combine the enjoyment of “typical” foods with low associated CO2.

And to accompany them, we have an extensive selection of regional wines, including those from our own vineyards.
Welcome to Ilgallobrillo.it. Welcome to the home of fine cuisine.