Engaging and satisfying products offering those who choose them or receive them as gifts the scents, colours, style and atmosphere of a journey into the heart of the real Tuscany.

During your stay in Borgo Giusto, you will have the opportunity to taste products based on the love of authenticity. From this love and from ancient local traditions the farm produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wines, Fruit, Vegetables and Honey.

We recommend the chestnut honey, dark amber in colour with reddish hints and an intense, strong perfume. It is the honey with the highest mineral salt content and as such is very popular with athletes. It goes particularly well with milk products and cheese. Acacia honey is a favourite with children because of its delicate, short-lived and very sweet flavour, making it a perfect alternative to sugar. Wildflower honey is made from the flowers which abound in the meadows on our hillsides, including clover, French honeysuckle, thistle and thyme. The honey is crystallised, with a creamy consistency. It has a delicate, slightly fruity, waxy perfume. The flavour is sweet with a fine, aromatic, slightly flowery nose. This is a honey for all tastes and uses.

The main fruit crops are olives, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums, quinces, cherries, figs, walnuts, persimmons and medlars, as well as large quantities of chestnuts. We use environmentally friendly cultivation methods, with no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or herbicides, but only pest control methods permitted in organic farming and natural fertilisers. As for vegetables, every year from spring to autumn, depending on the season, you will find a range of crops in our vegetable garden, from tomatoes to courgettes, aubergines to lettuce, and all types of herb, including bay, parsley, mint, sage, rosemary, thyme and the characteristic calamint which grows in abundance in the countryside around Lucca.

Our extra virgin olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is low in acidity and has the intense flavour typical of our hillsides. Production is limited precisely because of its distinctive nature, and only of the purest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made, by cold pressing olives picked by hand before they are completely ripe.

This produces a very light and delicate oil with low acidity. The quality of the soil and hand picking and cold pressing on the same day produce an oil in which passion, local character and love of the land are concentrated, a distinctive local product guaranteed by DOP* certification. The DOP oil, made from 90% Moraiolo cultivar, has an intense green colour, with suggestions of fresh grass and artichoke in the aroma; and distinct and balanced bitter and piquant hints in the flavour. It is best served on salad or bruschetta, with onion, potato, lentil, cabbage or spelt soups, boiled potatoes, grilled vegetables, meat or fish and on pasta or rice.